009 – Missing What Could Have Been; Grateful For What Is | Collin Crain

Collin Crain is the oldest son of Kari Perkins and serves as the Student Ministries Pastor at Northpointe Community Church in Fresno, California. 1. Collin’s journey of loss 2. Feelings and Emotions following the loss of his father 3. Ways to walk with someone who is grieving:

  • a. Love and accept without expectations
  • b. Don’t try and “have a moment” when all that is really needed is to just hang out
  • c. Find better questions to ask than just “how are you doing?”

4. “I miss what could have been, but I’m grateful for what is!”

5. A celebration of life is more than just a funeral or an event…it is how you honor those you lost when a memory comes to mind.

Links: Grief to Growth

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