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Matt and Kari Perkins

Matt and Kari Perkins are the founders of Grief to Growth™, a program that helps individuals move past difficult times by providing them with tools for personal growth. They both know what it’s like when tragedy strikes but they also have a unique ability in helping others get back on track after experiencing such loss. Their story inspired many people from all walks of life who needed some hope during these days ahead – giving them confidence about moving forward.

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Grief to Growth

In 2021, Matt and Kari Perkins developed the Grief to Growth program to help those impacted by the loss of someone or something significant. Through this powerful program, they have helped hundreds of individuals on their journey of loss.

In 2021, Grief to Growth, Inc was recognized as a 501(c)(3) Public Benefit Charity. Your contributions are tax-deductible as determined by the IRS and will help those impacted by loss through our in-person and online training programs.

Our Story

Matt and Kari’s worlds couldn’t have been farther apart, yet run so parallel. Both married at 19 years of age and served in ministry throughout their married life, and then both were tragically widowed in 2015. When they met, they found so much in common; and they also found love in relating to their healing.

There is Beauty in your Brokenness