A Pathway to Hope and Healing

Our 8-week Grief to Growth™ program will help you process your loss and move forward with purpose. We all experience loss in different forms. Following the Grief to Growth Pathway, you will be equipped with tools and resources to take the next step forward.

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Grief to Growth™ provides resources for those impacted by the loss of someone or something significant. Whether you are looking to start a program for your church or you are an individual looking for support and direction, we can help!

Matt and Kari Perkins - Grief to Growth
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Matt and Kari Perkins

In many ways, we are just like you…two people who have walked through some difficulties but have seen God’s faithfulness every step of the way. We were married in 2017 and have a blended family of seven children.

Our story is about two families who each walked through tragedy and loss, found new love, and now are blending while still mending. In the same way that God has brought beauty from ashes in our life, He is able to do the same in yours. There is HOPE!

Our program

Grief to Growth Pathway:

The Grief to Growth Pathway is a framework developed to help understand the phases of loss that are encountered and the journey toward healing. Throughout our seminars and program, we utilize this process to help individuals move toward growth.

  • 1. The Problem

When we are faced with a loss. This can be a death, a divorce, a job loss, or any other type of loss.

  • 2. Pain

When the reality of the loss sets in. We may feel sadness, anger, guilt, and other negative emotions.

  • 3. Paralysis

We can feel stuck and unable to move forward during this phase.

  • 4. Perspective

When we begin to see the loss in a new light. This can be a powerful time of growth.

  • 5. Purpose

When we discover a new sense of purpose and start to see our life in a new light, finding meaning in what we do.

  • 6. Pursuit

When we take action and pursue our new purpose. This is a time of great growth and fulfillment.

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A Pathway to Hope and Healing
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“This program was full of hope…I am ready to move forward.”

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The Starter Bundle

With this Starter Bundle, you will receive everything needed to launch your Grief to Growth Program.

  • Video-Based Curriculum
  • Facilitator Training
  • Marketing Graphics and Media
  • 10 Workbooks (Additional bundles Available)
  • Private Online Community
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