My Invisible Friend Named Grief

How long does grief last? Will the pain ever go away? Well, today marks six years since Marybeth’s passing, and while the sting of death may not be as intense, grief has become a companion…a sort of weird, complicated friendship. I don’t see him every day, but he has a way of showing up at the most random times and always has a seat at the table on the special days.

The two phrases that are on my mind today are, “the sting of death”, and “bright hope for tomorrow.” I have found that throughout the grief journey, it’s not one phrase OR the other…it is BOTH.

Because of the grace and faithfulness of God, I can stand today with peace and joy in my heart. Yes, the sting is still there; but so is hope.

If you have met my friend Grief, I challenge you to get to know him. You never know, you might even become friends too.

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