Impacted by loss?

The loss of someone or something significant can be one of the most difficult experiences we face in life. It can leave us feeling stuck, with no direction, and all over the place emotionally.

Unfortunately, we are facing a pandemic of grief in our society. With so much loss happening all around us, it’s more important than ever to have tools to help us process our grief.

If you are looking for hope and healing after experiencing loss, we have resources for you.


We offer resources to help you move forward following loss. If you are needing support on taking the next step, we are hear for you!

Understanding Loss Mini-Course



Facing loss can be very overwhelming and difficult to make sense of what is happening. “Understanding Loss” covers the types, stages, and dimensions of grief along with their impact on our life. This course is a powerful tool in moving forward.

A Pathway to Hope and Healing​

  • Online Group Program
  • 8 Weeks

Are you unable to attend one of our in-person groups? You will be able to participate in our 8-week program online, at your convenience. Learn in our online portal and join with others in weekly for our group coaching and support. Sign up today on our WAITLIST.

The Grief to Growth Podcast

We trust that you are encouraged through our new podcast giving you resources, tips, and tools to navigate your journey of loss.

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